• Reduce coca-cola and diet coke intake to almost none.
  • Learned ways to save money buy using various grocery stores and only buying things on sale
  • Reduced my sugar intake as best I can most days
  • Started to track my water intake and force myself to keep at it by using Mio Flavored Water Enhancer
  • Sought therapy for several months to evaluate a friendship where ties were cut because of a tear in our friendship from living with them
  • Created a new goal to re-obtain friendship with individual, working on my new techniques learned from therapy
  • Learned various snacks and meals to take to my summer job so I do not spend money on Tim Horton’s and other food places
  • Learned more about nutrients in foods and what I can eat for lunch that has the most nutrients, which I hope resolves some body problems I have such as:
    • bathroom problems
    • dandruff and scalp itchiness
    • some minor skin blemishes and problems
    • sweating frequency
    • losing focus on studies
    • insomnia
    • cold-sweats during sleeping

Why Ailíse Ó Mórdha?

Because for 28 years of my life, I didn’t know a single thing about my ancestors. My immediate family would continually tell me they don’t know anything before 1900s of where our family originated. After many years of being in a rut with life, I finally took to taking a challenge to first get myself out of the day-to-day struggles of depression and feelings of worthlessness. It’s taken me several years to step-by-step better myself to the point where I’m happy enough to want to learn how to love myself. I’m constantly pushing myself to research all the time. To learn everything I can about being healthier. Not just reading “do this, eat that,” but to actually understand why I should “do this” or “eat that” in the grand scheme of things.

Without getting too much into it in my first post, I will simply say one thing that has been obvious my entire life, but now that it’s near-confirmed, I’m happy to say it outloud. I’m Irish. My last name originates from the Gaelic Irish word, “Mórdha” which means “stately and noble.” And Ailíse. That’s the Irish Gaelic form of my first name. 🙂